Welcome to the new School Year!


Morning!! August/September : That time of year that parents and TSA agents look forward to, and educators start to think about with a mix of reluctance/relief. Also know as the educator’s “New Year”, in which classrooms are set up and curriculum revised. I just came off of a BUSY BUSY couple of days, training students […]

The Curves are Coming: Boston Curvy Fashion Week

BCFWeek Logo

Hey Folks, Last month, many curvy ladies went to New York City to attend two super successful events; Full Figured Fashion Week and The CurvyCon. My social media streams were flooded with photos, funny hashtags and videos of stylish ladies all meeting, greeting and supporting these size-positive events. In less than 3 weeks, another city will take […]

Boat Dance


Boat Dance..my school’s version of prom. I made a promise to my “chirren’s” to attend this year. The chance to dress up, dance and cruise the Boston Harbor in exchange for making sure the students didn’t get too crazy was a no-brainer. I had an outfit already planned out but when I attended the Boston Naturals […]

Culture on the Catwalk


Annually I hold a Culturefest event for my school community. One of the best parts for me, is  the fashion show (of course!).  I love how members of our community take pride in their culture, and show it off on the catwalk. Considering the unfortunate events of this past year, I really wanted to wear something to […]